Speaker list

20 April


18 November

Emeritus Professor Paul Dibb, AM PhD, Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies at the Strategic & Defence Studies Centre of the Australian National University

Mr Matt Anderson, PSM, Director, Australian War Memorial

Geopolitical implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Australian War Memorial – an update

13 October Michael Shoebridge, Director of Strategic Insights Australia The Strategic Review
21 July Peter Jennings, PSM, Principal of Peter Jennings Strategy Consultants Pty Ltd, and immediate past Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) Russia, China and the emerging new Cold War
11 March Air Vice-Marshal Mike Kitcher, AM, DSM – Deputy Chief of Joint Operations ADF Operations
19 November Mr Michael ShoebridgeDirector – Defence, Strategy & National Security, Australian Strategic Policy Institute Making Sense of Emerging Indo-Pacific Dynamics – China, The Quad & AUKUS
22 July Air Vice-Marshal Stephen Meredith AM, DSM, Deputy Chief of Air Force The Air Force in 2021 and beyond – an update
19 February Air Commodore (Dr) Mark Lax OAM, CSM (RAAFAR) The Air Force’s first hundred years – a trip down memory lane
9 October Mr Peter Jennings, PSM – Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute China scenario 2025:  What this means for Australia’s defence
28 February Professor Hugh White, AO – Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies at the Australian National University Defending Australia Alone: Might we need to, and could we do it?
11 October The Hon Dr Brendan Nelson, AO – Director of the Australian War Memorial The Australian War Memorial
12 July Group Captain Ernie Walsh – Air Force 2021 Liaison Officer Planning the RAAF’s Centenary 2021
22 March Air Commodore Phil Champion– Chief of Staff Air Force Headquarters and recently returned Deputy J5 Regional and Multinational Assistance, US Indo-Pacific Command What deterrence looks like in the Indo-Pacific Area of Responsibility
29 November Air Chief Marshal Binskin AC (Retd) Reflections of a CDF – the changing nature of ADF operations
24 August Group Captain Doug Hurst, MBE (Ret’d) The Far East Air Force 1949 – 1971
16 March Air Commodore Tony McCormack – recently returned Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff U5, United Nations Command, Korea An update on the Korean Peninsula
6 October Vern Gallagher – General Manager Communication & Client Relations, Defence Housing Australia Innovation at DHA is more than just solar panels
21 July Air Marshal Gavin ‘Leo’ Davies, AO, CSC – Chief of Air Force and RAAFSCA co-patron Air Force – the next three years
2 March Vice-Admiral David Johnston, AM, RAN – Chief of Joint Operations Current ADF Operations
23 September Air Commodore Margot Forster, CSM – Commandant, Australian Command and Staff College The Australian Command and Staff Course (Joint)
7 July Duncan Lewis AO, DSC, CSC– Director- General of Security and Head of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation ‘The role as the head of ASIO and an overview of the current security environment’
18 March Air Vice-Marshal Neil Hart, AM – Head One Defence Implementation and Head Force Structure Review/Head Force Structure Review The 2016 Defence White Paper
9 October Air Vice-Marshal Warren McDonald, AM, CSC – Deputy Chief of Air Force The opportunities and challenges for Air Force modernisation into the future
12 June Mr Gary Quinlan, AO – recently returned to Canberra after six years as Australia’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations New York Was membership of the UN Security Council worth it?
12 March Major General (Retd) Andrew James (Jim) Molan AO, DSC –former chief of MEAO coalition operations Cruising in the Transition Layer is safer because there is less traffic
17 October Air Marshal Geoff Brown, AO – Chief of Air Force (and RAAFSCA co-patron) Plan Jericho
19 June Air Vice-Marshal Margaret Staib, AM, CSC, RAAFAR – CEO Airservices Australia An update on Airservices Australia
7 March Senator David Fawcett, BSc, MBA, MAICD, psc, – former test pilot and senator for South Australia Sovereignty
13 November Group Captain Peter Norford, AM, CSC – Director of Studies (Air) Australian Command and Staff College The Australian Command and Staff Course
6 June Air Vice-Marshal (Retd) John Blackburn, AO – consultant to the NRMA Australia’s liquid fuel security
13 March Air Commodore (Retd) Graham Bentley, AM – Director Australian Market Development – Lockheed Martin An update on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter


4 October AIRCDRE Warren McDonald, CSC – Director-General Capability Planning – Air Force Air Force capability
7 June AVM Margaret Staib – Commander Joint Logistics Joint Logistics Command
2 March AIRMSHL Geoff Brown, AO – Chief of Air Force (and RAAFSCA co-patron) The Royal Australian Air Force


27 October AIRMSHL Mark Binskin, AO – Vice Chief of the Defence Force (and RAAFSCA co-patron) Current issues relevant to the ADF and future shape of the RAAF
28 July RADM Peter D. Jones, DSC, AM, RAN – Head Capability Systems Capability Development Group, Department of Defence
19 April ACM Angus Houston, AC, AFC – Chief of the Defence Force The Australian Defence Force